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Team TNV

Team TNV

Tell us something about yourself

Adventurous, Amusing, Empathetic could describe me to bits, but what makes me stand out from the crowd is my amiable personality. I am a strong ambivert and I also love reading, singing and travelling different places to learn about their cultures.


What inclined you towards modelling? and are you looking forward to it as a full-time profession?

The promise I made to myself when I was a kid that someday I will be a supermodel keeps me inclined towards modelling. To me, this is my only passion and I always felt that it helped me embrace myself, voice out my ideas and discover my capabilities and my true potentials. Yes, I definitely want to make modelling as my fulltime profession.


What was your reaction when you came to know that you were selected for Neutral View Mr & Ms Goa 2018?

Though I had faith in myself, I was very happy to know I am selected. I was so excited and grateful at the same time.. Trust me this news lit my face like a Diwali lamp.


Have you participated in pageants before this?

Yes, Femina Miss India 2018.



How important winning this pageant is for you?

 Well, because I grew with the zeal of one day hearing those lines ” and the winner is miss Nakita Tania Fernandes ” and as my name means victory.. winning is very important for me, but the experience and knowledge I get is what I love taking back.


If you win Neutral View Miss Goa you will get a direct entry to Rubaru Miss India Elite, how are you preparing yourself?

I definitely practice every day consistently what I’ve been taught by the best teachers and my experience. I prioritise my time well enough to maintain my diet and workout, as well as I update myself on the current affairs besides this I take care of my skin and surround myself with positive and encouraging people.

Are you feeling any pressure?

 Not pressure,  but yes I am a bit nervous as I’ve been waiting for such an opportunity and it’s finally here so I want to make this worth the wait!


Your biggest support in life?

My family is my biggest support since I was 2. I can never forget the memory of me always being placed on top of the restaurant table because I stubbornly wanted to do the catwalk so my family wouldn’t hesitate even though it would not be right to do so because they knew this was the start to something that brought a never-ending smile on my face and they knew I wouldn’t give up on this because back then I never did!


Any quote or saying that has a profound impact on you?

“We are all made up of the things that build and break us” I have learnt through tough lessons in life that only made me realise I am not the person who can give up easily or for that matter not get up when I fall. And lastly, I strongly believe.. “You owe yourself to become everything you’ve dreamt of”.. I’m doing my bit and here I am.


Any message for your friends and well-wishers

Don’t even do them as they do you.. Disappear and do better! Work hard and stay humble towards everything you do in grateful and blessed to all those who have been encouraging. Keep supporting me with your prayers and love.


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