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Team TNV

Team TNV

Name: Nakita Tania Fernandes
From: Saligao 
DOB: 09-03-2000
College: Saraswat Vidyalayas Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and
Management Studies.
A person named After Elton John’s song “oh nikita” .. Adventurous, Amusing, Empathetic could describe me to bits but on a good note, it’s better to experience me in person than have it pinned or written down. I belong to the category between introverts and extroverts- in simple words, I’m extremely moody so I could be everything at once! . I’m very passionate when it comes to my dreams especially modelling because I grew with the zeal
of, one-day hearing those lines, “and the winner is miss Nakita Tania Fernandes”. My family and friends say victorious just as my name means but I count them to be my support and strength for what I am. I have learnt through tough lessons in life that made me realise I am not the person who can give up easily or for that matter not get up when I fall.. And lastly, I strongly believe.. You owe yourself to become everything you’ve
dreamt of.. I’m doing my bit and here I am.. To win it! 


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Team TNV

The author is a senior Journalist working in Goa for last one and half decade with the experience of covering wide-scale issues ranging from entertainment to politics and defense.

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