I'm Zulfi Shaikh

Age: 24
City: Dhubri, Assam
Qualification: Graduated
Profession: Model, Actor

Q 01. What qualities according to you makes you different from other candidates?
. I believe that each and every one of us is unique, But the qualities that makes my own uniqueness stand out is My dedication! Whenever I have a goal in mind, I stick to it no matter what. And also upbeat positive attitude of me towards everything that I do.

Q 02. If you happen to represent India Internationally, How will you explain the essence of India to a person who has never visited India?
. India is what it is due to the diversity in religion, culture, people, place, food , customs. It is a land where spirituality and technology meets.

Q 03. After Manushi Chhillar’s Miss World Victory and Padman Movie, Menstrual management of Girls and Women is a much talked about topic in India, what do you think restricts Indian Girls or women talk more about This issue and how as a person you can encourage Girls and ladies of your family to talk about it openly ?
. Many Indian girls and women do not talk about their periods as they are ashamed of their periods, and are not well educated about it. At home they are restricted to do many things and are also told not to talk about it to anyone.
As a man in my family, I would make the women in my family to share about their problems related to their periods and make them realise that their periods is a natural phenomenon, and  they must not be ashamed to talk about it but to proud that being a woman they can give birth to a new life.

Q 04. So far have you contributed the society in anyway so that we can call you Distinctively Handsome?
. I haven’t done something really big or worth talking about, but since the question asks, I shall list them.

a. I donated blood three times and will continue to do so.
b. When eating in a restaurant, any food that is not consumed (not from the plate), I parcel it and give it to someone needy, so that food is not wasted but someone who needs it gets it.
c. I’ve done a fair bit of volunteer work animal shelters, children’s educational camps, environmental preservation. Blood donation camps.

Q 05. What else would I like to do?

a. I would like to help the destitute.

b. I would like to help those suffering from domestic violence.

c. I would like to fund someone’s education or may be more.

Q.06 Why you should be the next Rubaru Mr.India?
Answer: I have a clear vision to win Rubaru Mr.India which will make me the winner.

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